Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So, I just got done watching Boondock Saints for the "I don't know how many times". What a great movie with great action, acting, a great story line, and terrible theology. The theology in that movie is awful, yet I think we might be able to learn something from it. I do not condone the murder of anyone, nor the attempt to play God as the characters in the movie have done, but is there something to be said for Christians today acting in response to injustice? No, we are not supposed to go out and try and kill all of the bad guys, that would be just as bad as what the bad guys did, but we are supposed to do something. I don't think that everyone is called to go out and do something, but there are people who are called, and if you are called I pray that you embrace what God has called you to do. For instance the International Justice Mission and Invisible Children are just two examples of what it means and looks like for Christians to go out and fight for injustice. The key here is not to fight for injustice for the sake of justice, but to fight for injustice for the sake of Christ. To be able to give people freedom from bondage not only from the principalities and powers of this world, but also to fight for their eternal freedom, which is in Jesus Christ. I find it so important not to just go out and preach the word, but to fight against the terrible things in this world and the injustices happening to people. We must go beyond the walls of the church and even our country and fight for justice in the name of Christ, have the honor of doing God's work and giving those who are captive, maybe just a taste of what the Holy City will one day be like. A place where there is no injustice, a place where all who suffer will one day be vindicated, a place where we can bow before the One who has sacrificed everything to save all those who proclaim His name. I give much respect and props to those ladies and gentlment who have the guts, courage, and faith to fight for others and there vindication here one earth. These people are our modern day Saints. The people who go out and fight for justice on the streets, who have inner city minsitries, who sacrifice all for the sake of the cross. And those who leave our country in pursuit of rescuing young women from the sex trade and who seek to liberate those who are captive. It is so great to see what these people are doing and to see a glimpse of what true redemption and vindication will be like for those who have suffered and those who will one day be honored for their obedience and their fight for injustice in the name of Christ. Redemption, grace, reconciliation, and vindication through Christ and the Cross, this is what the Holy City is about.