Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kuyper Conference 2010

This Wednesday I will be heading over to Princeton Seminary for the Kuyper Conference with a couple of my seminary colleagues. I am very excited for some of the papers that will be presented as well as some of the speakers. George Harinck will be speaking on Common Grace in Europe and Kees van der Kooi (whom I am very excited to see present), will be presenting on the concept of culture in Kuyper Bavinck and Barth. There will be three Fuller seminary students presenting as well. Bob Covolo is presenting on Amos Yong's contribution to a Kuyperian Pneumatology of religions, Cory Willson is presenting on what the Dutch Reformed tradition can learn from the Talmud's anthropology, and Jen Rosner is presenting on Hans Rosenzweig and the path to redemption. There are going to be some exciting papers and I am looking very much forward to it. Look for some of these paper's to be published in the forthcoming Kuyper Center Review.