Monday, September 28, 2009

On Being Mentored and Mentoring

I have come to believe that both being mentored and mentoring another are very special gifts and experiences. I have been at Fuller Seminary for seven months now and for the last five months I have been mentored by F. Dale Bruner who is Professor Emeritus at Whitworth University and a well known biblical scholar and commentator. This is the first time in my life where I have had the courage and maturity to ask and seek a mentor. Not only have our times at lunch been fruitful in building a friendship, but they have also been fruitful spiritually and intellectually. I do have to say that my time at Fuller would be much less beneficial if I had not had a mentor like Dale. Not only do I think mentorship is beneficial for the person or persons being mentored, but also the person doing the mentoring. There is so much that I have gained from being mentored and I have talked to many people who have mentored others and they have spoken of the great value and knowledge that they have gained from the person they are mentoring. My time with Dale has been so beneficial and I greatly value it. I have learned so much from his knowledge and experience, his guidance, and his wisdom. I highly encourage every Christian to seek out a mentor and I also encourage people who are professors and pastors and many other people with great wisdom and experience to seek out people to mentor and to aid in the development of young Christian leaders who are in need of guidance.