Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On Nicholas Wolterstorff

I was given the privilege of having lunch with Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff earlier this afternoon. I have been involved in a reading group focused on Neo-Calvinist and Kuyperian thought regarding ethics, justice, public theology, etc. We were able to have lunch with Dr. Wolterstorff and ask him a handful of questions. He was very responsive, thoughtful, and articulate in his dialogue with the questions asked. I don't agree with Dr. Wolterstorff on some very important issues, such as his thesis for a theistic grounding for human rights, but in light of the disagreements I have, he was a delight to be around. I highly recommend his book "Justice," which has influenced me in my own pursuit of living the Christian life, and I would say that it is a must read for all Christians, especially those concerned with justice and rights. Thanks to Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff for his faithfulness to the Church and to scholarship.