Monday, September 27, 2010

KBBC: Barth and Schleiermacher

Definitely go read Matt Bruce's paper. It is very good. He makes some great observations about the differences and similarities between Barth and Schleiermacher and he also notes Barth's interpretive mistakes. I feel like Barth and Schleiermacher are often seen as enemies--or at least Schleiermacher is seen as a bad guy and Barth a good guy, which should not be the case. Essays like Matt Bruce's and books like Matthias Gockel's do a fine and necessary job of defrauding these types of assertions. Do yourself a favor--go read this essay.

Here is the link: Schleiermacher and Barth: On Theology as the Science of the Divine Word By: Matthew J. Aragon Bruce

Round one KBBC: Matt Bruce on Barth and Schleiermacher

Matt Bruce's paper on Barth and Schleiermacher has been posted. Go check it out. I will also be linking every paper and giving updates throughout the week.