Friday, November 13, 2009

Unfortunate Circumstances

Well, this Wednesday I asked my wife Megan if she would mind running to the store to pick up some coffee. She said yes and about five minutes later during my workout I got a call from Megan saying that she had been in a bad accident. The first thing that came to my mind was, is she hurt? The answer fortunately was, no! Thankfully Megan was okay, but our car is not so okay. The front end was totally smashed in and the car is with out a doubt totaled. Thankfully the other person in the other car was not hurt as well. All in all this has been a terrible situation. But, what I am learning is that it is situations like these that make us learn to rely on one another and most of all rely on God. The accident put everything into perspective and I began to ask myself what if Megan had have been hurt? Am I being the best husband I need to be? Am I putting school before my wife? Is my spiritual life and relationship with God in the right place? I had to ask myself all of these questions and reevaluate things in my life. I was having lunch with my mentor Dale and we were talking about the accident and I told him that I had asked myself these questions. Our conversation was very fruitful and our discovery was that if our lives are focused on the glorification of Christ, If we put Christ before all things, the result will be one of bearing much fruit. If I am seeking the Lord, I will without doubt be a better husband, be a better friend, be a better student, and most of all be a better witness to the grace of Jesus Christ. Sometimes it takes unfortunate circumstances for us to realize that we are in dyer need of the grace and provision of Christ.