Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 KBBC: Week 3, Day 2 | Der Evangelische Theologe

Be sure to check out the new KBBC post. Mike Jimenez has written a nice article on Barth and Badiou followed by a fine response by Geoff Holsclaw.

Mike attempts to show the relationship between Barth and Badiou's understanding of "event" particularly as it relates to the "Christ event," for Barth, and knowledge and truth of the "event," for Badiou, which produces a type of de-theologized universal truth empowering a radically non-conformist conviction.

Geoff's response is quite appreciative, but finds Mike's reliance upon Badiou's book "St. Paul," to be a bit narrow. Geoff believes the real point of conversation takes place between the ontologies of the two--a suggestion that I agree with.

Another excellent paper and response for this years KBBC. Remember, Travis and David are turning this years conference into a book, so, if you feel so obliged, please donate (there is a link at the bottom of each post).