Thursday, December 2, 2010

KBBC: Week 3, Day 3, Barth and Hart

The third post of week three of the 2010 KBBC is up. Keith Starkenburg has written an interesting essay on the aesthetics of Karl Barth and David Bentley Hart followed by an appreciative yet critical response by Han-luen Kantzer Komline.

Starkenburg's main thesis is that Barth's doctrine of Glory, which can be found in CD II.1, achieves the same purpose that Hart does in the Beauty of the Infinite without falling into an affirmation of the analogia entis. Thus, Hart's criticism of Barth, which is quite incomplete, is misleading for it doesn't fully engage or deal with Barth's use of analogical models as they present themselves in the Church Dogmatics.

Komline's response to Starkenburg is quite good. He appreciates the aim and tenor or Starkenburg's essay, but questions the method employed. He begs the question of whether or not multiple roads to the same theological end, which make room for multiple theological approaches to the same theological question, misrepresent and detract from the particularity of each individual theologian? But, ultimately Starkenburg's essay is profitable for it seeks to find similarity amongst the dissimilarity of two theologians.

Go read this essay and response - it is well worth your time!